Add phones to groups in Jablotool

I would like to use Essence and Raven phones with Jablotool Cloud. I will be managing more phones at a time, that is why I would like to add the phones to a phone group in Jablotool. How can I add Essence or Raven to the phone group?

Follow these steps:

  1. Login to your Jablotool account at and select your phone group. If you do not have a group yet follow the guide here.
  2. Check whether Essence or Raven are ready for adding to a phone group. Make sure that:
    1. Data is active on the Essence SIM card and Raven is connected to internet via WiFi;
    2. Phones can receive SMS;
    3. Firmware of your Raven is up-to-date;
    4. Phones are turned ON.

    For more information about how to make phones ready for adding to Jablotool click here.

  3. While being in the phone group, click on ADD PHONE in the upper left corner.
  4. add phone

  5. A pop-up form will appear. Fill in the phone number in international format (e.g. +420 123 456 789) and give a name to your phone. You can change this name anytime later.
  6. fill in phone number

  7. For security reasons, the administration must be confirmed on the phone. On Essence, press the button with green tick. On Raven, click on the icon on the display.
Allow Essence administration Allow Raven administration Raven administration

Phone will start communicating with Jablotool. Once the registration is completed the registration status in Jablotool will change to OK.

registration confirmed

Now you can use your Essence or Raven with Jablotool admin features. If you cannot add Essence to a phone group please click here. If you cannot add Raven to a phone group click here.

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