Cannot add Raven to Jablotool

I have a phone group in the Jablotool Cloud. However, I cannot add my Raven to this group. What to do?

Please follow these steps:

  1. After you start adding Raven to Jablotool, the phone will ask you to confirm its registration.

    Confirm registration on the phone

    If Raven does not ask you to confirm its registration please click on the icon with the symbol of SMS in Jablotool.
    Click on icon of smartphone with SMS

    Follow the instructions and send the registration SMS from your mobile phone. Once the SMS is delivered Raven will ask you to confirm the registration.

  2. If you still cannot add Raven to Jablotool make sure the phone is connected to internet. Browse any website. If the content is not loaded follow these steps:

  3. Check the connection to your local WiFi network. Turn WiFi ON, open Settings and select Wireless & NetworksWi-Fi. You will see the list of WiFi networks available. Select your network and fill in the WiFi password; or
  4. Check data connection via GSM network.
    1. Make sure data is activated on your SIM card. Ask your network provider;
    2. Check the strength of GSM signal in the top right corner;
    3. Check the configuration of internet access point (APN). Open Settings and select Wireless & NetworksMore..Mobile networksAccess Point NamesInternet. Ask your network provider about the correct configuration. Configuration of selected network providers can be found here.

NOTE: You might receive an error message to your mobile phone from the Essence which will look something like this:

err-gdp-06 EENXCWBS|1|0|0|6
0.1 v1.2
1.1 Orange,1.2 1,1.3 93,1.4 2
2.1 internet,2.2 orange,2.3 orange
5.1 8734,5.2 2385,5.3 0

It usually means that the Raven has problems with data connection via mobile network or WiFi, please continue with step 2.

Now try to add Raven to JabloTool again. Do you still need help? Click here and submit the form.

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