Cannot update Essence in Jablotool

While updating my Essence phone via Jablotool Cloud an error message popped up. How can I solve the error?

There are several reasons why error can happen during the update in Follow the solution in the table below.

Error message What to do
Last update request failed.
  1. Make sure that the phone is turned ON,
  2. Make sure if data is enabled on the SIM card,
  3. Check the configuration of internet access point (APN). Select Options > Settings > Network > APN > Manual. Contact your network provider and check whether the parameters are correct.
Failed to connect device
Failed to upload update data to device Please turn your phone OFF and ON and try to update your phone again.
Failed to reconnect device after data upload and update If your phone is PIN protected the phone will prompt you to enter PIN during the update. Enter the PIN to finish the update.
ERR_UPDATE_ADAPTERPower adapter is not plugged in. Please plug in power adapter. Plug in power adapter and try to update your device again.
The device battery is low, it must be charged fully to update. Plug in power adapter to charge the battery. Empty battery will fully charge in 3 hours. Once the battery is charged repeat the update.
Firmware of your device does not support update over the air. Please, use the emergency procedure to update you phone via USB.Fill in this form if you need some support from our support team.
Internal error. We are working on the fix. Please try to update your phone later again.


If you did not succeed, you can update your phone via USB using the emergency update procedure.

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