Error 1013

Essence (GDP-06i) shows Error 1013 and does not react

Error occurs when the structure of internal database of contacts is corrupted. It is caused by wrong contacts (contact name containing forbidden characters, phone number containing letters, etc.) added or synchronized to the phone. After each start-up phone checks the database consistence and when test fails error 1013 appears.

Phones with firmware XI601.2.2.4 and higher repair the database automatically and error 1013 does not appear. To recover phones with older firmware, please follow these steps:

  1. The phone needs to be updated with the newest firmware. Please, follow Emergency update via USB.
  2. Restart the phone with adaptor (powering) plugged-in. Error 1013 changes to error 5002 and allows you to work with the phone.
  3. Restart the phone again.
  4. If the error was not fixed by the restart, please perform factory reset. It will reset all your settings and erase the corrupted contacts database. Push Options button to enter the menu and select Security > Factory settings.

Now your phone is fixed.

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12. 10. 2017 GDP-06