Factory reset

Follow these steps to perform factory reset of your Raven. Important: all data in phone will be erased. Follow this FAQ to back-up your data before factory reset.

  1. Open list of applications.
  2. Select Settings > Back-up & reset > Factory data reset.
  3. Select whether to reset also your SD card. Ticking the option will erase all of its contents.
  4. Select Reset phone. Raven will reset to factory defaults and switch OFF.


Did you accidentally lock Raven and you cannot access the phone? Follow this procedure.


Note 1: Factory reset can be locked by administrator. Contact administrator of phones in your company when needed.

Note 2: If phone is administered in phone group on Jablotool.com, all contacts, settings and restrictions set by administrator will be restored after first start up. Only authorized administrator can remove phone from phone group.

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