Manage hotkeys in phone groups

How can I set hotkeys for the whole phone group?

Administrator of a phone group can set hotkeys for the whole group in Jablotool. This feature is available only for Essence phones. Raven does not support group hotkeys, it uses Switchboard.

You can set hotkeys in the phone group under tab Contacts > Hotkeys.

Admin Hotkeys

To set the contact from contact list, you can just start typing the name of the contact into the desired position and Jablotool will offer you contacts by using autocomplete function. Click on the contact you want to store under the hotkey. If there are more phone numbers for one contact, Jablotool will show you this contact multiple times, one line for each number.

Type a contact

You cannot store the same number from one contact multiple times, only the latest hotkey position of given number will be kept, previous hotkey positions will be emptied.

To store contact which is not in contact list, just write in the telephone number instead of writing the name of the contact.

Type a number

You can also store DTMF or USSD codes under hotkeys. For more info about dialling DTMF from Hotkey please see this FAQ. Group hotkeys will overwrite hotkeys previously stored by enduser.

After the hotkeys are set, you can choose the behaviour of the hotkey. If you leave the lock next to the hotkey position in the unlocked position (green) Hotkeys unlocked , the hotkey will be synchronized with all the Essence phones in the group, but the enduser of the phone can rewrite the hotkey with their own contact. If you switch the lock to the locked position (red) Hotkeys locked, then the enduser will not be capable of changing the hotkey at all. Empty hotkeys can be locked as well. If empty hotkey is locked, it will overwrite (delete) the hotkey set by the user.

All hotkeys can be also locked / unlocked at once by switching the master UNLOCK / LOCK switch on the top of the page.

Lock hotkeys

To save changes click Apply on the bottom of the screen.

Apply changes

You might have noticed that there is an automatically created label strip on the right side. It sources the name from the contact stored under the hotkey or the phone number written in manually. If you want to change the name on the label you can easily rewrite it directly in the label.

Print label

To print the label just click on the green printer icon under the label Print label 20 labels are printed out on an A4 paper. To print the labels in correct size, make sure to set the scaling of the printer to none, or on some printers to 100% like on this screenshot.

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