How to update Raven

The way of updating your Raven depends on the firmware version. Open Settings and select About phone > Firmware version to find out the firmware version of your Raven. For firmware 1.9.5 and newer follow the steps below. For older firmware versions click here.

Before you update Raven please plug Raven into the mains. We also recommend connecting the phone to your local WiFi network. Full software update may involve downloading dozens of MB from our server. If new update is available Raven will let you know in the status bar. If you want to check manually whether there are any updates available please follow these steps:

  1. Open the list of applications on your Home screen.
  2. Open applications

  3. Open the application System update.
  4. Launch Raven Update app

  5. Add your JabloTool account if you have not done it yet. This is required to enable further FW updates.
  6. Confirm update

  7. Select existing account or create a new one. Fill in login to your JabloTool account.
  8. Create Jablotool account

  9. If there is new FW update available, Raven will ask you to download it. Click on DOWNLOAD.

    Download update

    Raven will download the update file.
    Download updated file

  10. Click on INSTALL UPDATE.
  11. Confirm update

    Raven will start the update, please do not unplug your Raven. Raven will restart automatically when the update is finished.

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