Send registration SMS from QR code

You have started adding your Essence or Raven phone to Jablotool. However, the phone does not ask you on its display to confirm its registration. It means the registration SMS has not been delivered to the phone correctly. Please follow these steps to send the SMS from your mobile phone and finish the registration.

You will need a smartphone and an application for reading QR codes. Use your own favourite application or follow the guide below for smartphone with Android OS or Apple iOS.


  1. Download the application QR čtečka (QR reader in English) from Google Play;
  2. Open the application and scan the QR code displayed by Jablotool;
  3. Click on SMS. The phone number of your Essence or Raven is already filled in;
  4. Open SMS application

  5. Send the message. Please note the message content may change depending on your device model.
  6. Send SMS

iOS (Apple)

  1. Download the application QR Reader from itunes;
  2. Copy the content into Cliptray;
  3. Send the content as SMS to the phone number of Essence or Raven.

When SMS is sent the phone will prompt you to confirm the registration. Once you confirm it, the phone will be added to Jablotool. If you still cannot add the phone to Jablotool follow the link with further help for Essence or Raven.

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