How to proceed when Jablocom device needs repair

If you find a fault on Jablocom product follow this guide. Also, Jablocom service partners will learn here how to proceed when Jablocom device arrives for repair. To download the guide in pdf format click here.

To download repair protocol click here.
To find the service partner in your country click here.
Service partners please follow the chapter Service. To purchase Jablocom spare parts please follow the chapter Spare parts.

User sends device for repair

Follow these steps before sending device for repair.

service process image

A. Check solution on-line

First please visit where we publish solution to a number of issues. You may solve the issue yourself. Choose your device and the category of your issue. To contact technical support click on Other issue and submit the form.

B. Find service partner

If you cannot solve the issue yourself, please find the Jablocom authorized service partner (further as Service) which covers the territory of your country. Visit If no Service covers your territory your device can be repaired in the service centre in Jablocom. Please contact your distributor to confirm this procedure.

C. Fill in repair protocol and check Jablocom warranty period

Describe the fault in writing. Download the repair protocol on Fill in the protocol, you will help the Service repair your device.

For warranty claim please make sure that your device meets warranty conditions in Chapter E. The warranty period granted by Jablocom starts already when the device is sold to the first distributor. Before making warranty claim directly at the service please check the Jablocom warranty period, fill in this form. We will let you know the end of Jablocom warranty period in reply.

If Jablocom warranty period of the device has not expired you can send the device to the service. If Jablocom warranty has expired and the warranty of user is still valid please make in-warranty claim by sending the device to your vendor. See more information.

D. Enclose all accessories

You will find the list of accessories in the table below.

Model Accessories
GDP-02 phone handset, handset cable, power adapter
Essence (GDP-06, GDP-06i) JabloPhone (GDP-04(i),
GDP-04A(i), GDP-04i 3G)
handset, handset cable, USB cable, battery, and power adapter
Help Me! KIT (GDP-04i RF) handset, handset cable, panic button, USB cable, battery, and power adapter
Raven (GDP-08) handset, handset cable, connector cover and power adapter
EYE-02 and EyeSee camera antenna, camera holder, remote control or Clicker, battery, USB cable, power adapter

Pack the device and accessories well to prevent damage in transport. If possible, use original packaging.

User returns device to distributor

End-user may return the Jablocom device directly to their distributor when

  1. Product was purchased via e-shop and customer returns the device within the period granted by legislation (usually 14 days from the purchase).
    Distributor may send the device to Service, asking to supply the missing parts. Service will not offer Product refurbishment.
  2. Product has Defect on arrival (DOA). Please see conditions in the Chapter F
    Distributor will send the Product to Service
  3. Distributor offered the customer conditions VIP conditions which exceed the standard of Jablocom warranty repair.
    Distributor covers the cost of service provided to the customer above the Jablocom warranty.

In other cases the customer will send the device for repair directly to the Service.

Steps done by service centre

The provisions of service agreement between Jablocom and authorized Service partner may slightly differ from this guide. Then the provisions of the service agreement take precedence above this guide.

E. Warranty check

Upon arrival of the device, Service will examine whether the product meets Warranty conditions: The warranty is valid only if all of the following conditions are met:

  1. The warranty claim date does not exceed the latest warranty date of the manufacturer. Login to your SAP account on and select Tools > Latest warranty.
  2. The Product is returned with all its accessories (see Chapter D),
  3. Product does not show signs of contact with liquid; device was not exposed to high humidity,
  4. Original receipt issued to the original purchaser by the dealer, specifying the date of purchase and the IMEI corresponding with the device, is enclosed.
  5. The fault is described in writing. We recommend that customers use electronic version of repair protocol on
  6. The Product was not disassembled by unauthorized personnel;
  7. The Product including its plastic parts and accessories is not visibly damaged.

The warranty does not cover batteries that are exhibiting diminished capacity due to normal use.

If customer claims Defect on Arrival (DOA) the Service will check whether the DOA conditions are fulfilled (see Chapter F ).

F. Defect on arrival

Please check these conditions when customer claims Defect on Arrival (DOA). Device will be considered DOA only when all of the following conditions are met:

  1. Warranty conditions are met (see Chapter E).
  2. The malfunctions presented by the Product must always be a consequence of an internal defect of the Product.
  3. Product was installed in compliance with the user guide and used for its intended purpose.
  4. The Product must be in good condition (as new), it must differ in no way from a brand new piece of equipment.
  5. The package must be complete including all of the instruction manuals, CD, and accessories that came with it at the time it was sold. Damaged packaging will be accepted, but incomplete packaging will not.
  6. The malfunction occurred within 7 (seven) calendar days from the date of purchase by the end user: The end user must prove the purchase by invoice, guarantee card or stamp of the dealer. The date of purchase and date of return to dealer must be mentioned here. In case the malfunction was detected before the sale, dealer must put its stamp on the invoice or on the guarantee card.

Product never has defect on arrival (DOA) when at least one of the conditions is met:

  1. Product is NFF (No Fault Found)
  2. Communication problems are caused by third-party (e.g. poor mobile network coverage):
  3. Malfunction occurred after using the Product with other incompatible products or accessories.
  4. Internal data of the Product as date or counters do not correspond with declared date of purchase.

G. In-warranty repair

If the product meets all Warranty conditions the Service will:

  1. Repair or replace the product at the cost of Manufacturer. Service follows Product repair guide provided by Manufacturer;
  2. Send the Product back to the Customer at the cost of Manufacturer;
  3. Issue a repair protocol to the Customer.

If device meets the conditions of Defect on arrival (DOA) the Service will repair the device at the cost of Manufacturer. Service will check with Jablocom whether the device should be refurbished too. If DOA conditions are not met but Warranty conditions are met the Service will repair the product in-warranty.

H. Out-of-warranty repair

When at least one of warranty conditions is not met service will offer the customer out-of-warranty repair. The Service may ask the customer to provide missing accessories or documents of purchase. If the customer does not agree with out-of-warranty repair the Service will send the product back to the customer at the cost of the customer. If customer agrees with out-of-warranty repair the Service will:

  1. Repair or replace the Product at the cost of Customer. Service follows Jablocom product repair guide;
  2. Send the product back to the customer at the cost of customer;
  3. Issue a repair protocol to the customer.

If customer does not agree with out-of-warranty repair the Service shall send the product back to the customer at the customer’s expense.

Spare parts

Jablocom service partners sells spare parts for Jablocom products repaired by the Service. Please contact your local Service for quotation. To find out which products are repaired by your Service visit Missing spare parts can be added to a product that is being repaired. The cost of added spare parts is paid by the customer.

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