Cannot synchronize contacts with Outlook 2003

I cannot synchronize contacts with my Outlook 2003 if I use Windows 7.

JabloTool was not able to install MS Outlook communication library (Redemption.dll) or the installation of Redemption is corrupted.
Please try to install it manually. Follow these steps:

  • Close Outlook
  • Close JabloTool
  • In Windows open a command window Start->Run…-> type “cmd” (command line console will appear)
  • Change directory – type “cd c:/Program Files/Common Files/Redemption” – press enter
  • Run “regsvr32.exe /u redemption.dll” ( a window will appear message that the dll has been ‘unregistered’)
  • Run “regsvr32.exe redemption.dll” (a window will appear message that the dll is now ‘Registered’)
  • Reboot the computer
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