Synchronize contacts with Google

In the guide you will learn how to set up contact synchronization with Google on Essence. We assume the Essence is added to Jablotool individually, outside a phone group. For information on contact synchronization with Google in a phone group click here.

Raven cannot be added to Jablotool individually, it can be added to a phone group only. Since Raven is a smartphone, synchronization of Google contacts outside a phone group is done directly on the Raven. For more information follow this guide.

Set up Google synchronization in Jablotool

To synchronize contacts in Essence with Google follow the steps below.

  1. Login to
  2. Select Add new > Add phone and follow the instructions.
  3. Once Essence is added, select Settings > Synchronization and turn synchronization with Google ON.
  4. Fill in the email address and password of your Google account.

Turn synchronization ON

How Google synchronization works

Once synchronization is set up the following rules apply:

  • All Google contacts containing either First name or Last name and Home, Work or Mobile phone number are synchronized. Other contacts are not synchronized. Click here to learn more information.
  • If you add a new contact into Essence which synchronizes contacts with Google the contact will be added to the Google account too. Similarly, when you delete synchronized contact from Essence the contact will be deleted from Google too.
  • If more Essence or Raven phones synchronize contacts with the same Google account the new contact will synchronize into all phones. Similarly, deleting synchronized contact from one phone will delete the contact from all phones synchronized with the same Google account.

Should you delete contacts from Google account by mistake follow the guide here to restore the contacts.

To avoid deleting contacts by mistake we recommend synchronizing Google contacts with a phone group. Here, the shared contact can be deleted in the Google account only. Please follow this guide for more information.

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