Synchronize contacts with Google

Synchronization of contacts with Google is available to a wide range of users, be it individuals or small companies. Individuals can synchronize contacts among Raven, tablet or PC. Companies can synchronize contacts among devices of their employees. Once you update synchronized contact in one device the contact is updated in all synchronized devices. It is easy to keep all contacts up-to-date.

Follow these steps to synchronize contacts with your Google account.

  1. Open the list of applications
  2. Open list of applications

  3. Select Settings
  4. FAQ Select settings (2.)

  5. Find the section Accounts and select Add account,
    Select Google to synchronize contacts with Google.
  6. Add account

  7. Google will ask you which account to use. Choose one of options.
    1. Select Existing and fill in email address and password of your Gmail account,
    2. or select New and create a new Google account.

    Existing or new

  8. Confirm that you agree with Google Terms of Service and privacy policy,
  9. You may set up payment information to pay by credit card
  10. Confirm that you wish to use your Google account to back-up your apps, settings and other data.
  11. Your Google contacts will now synchronize with Raven. Google contacts will appear in the list of accounts.

    Account added

To synchronize your emails with Google proceed to the point 3. and select Email. Fill in your email address and password, and configure your account. When synchronization is finished your Email account will appear in the list of accounts.

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