Update was interrupted and phone does not work

The electricity supply was cut off while I was upgrading my GDP-04. The phone does not work since then. What should I do?

  • Disconnect the power adaptor, the USB cable and remove the battery from the phone
  • Leave the phone disconnected for few seconds,
  • Connect the power adaptor – display will blink,
  • Connect the USB cable – display will stay dark,
  • Run UpdateTool from JabloTool. The steps are described here,
  • Insert the battery into your phone.

And what should I do in this situation? We started the update tool in JabloTool. The phone switched to the bootloader mode and it stopped. An error window appeared on the PC and the tool reported that the sample was not updated.

Please check if your phone has been connected to AC power while upgrading. It is not possible to upgrade the phone powered by batteries only.
Connect the power adaptor, run UpdateTool again.

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