Pair Bluetooth headset

When you are a frequent caller or need to make notes during a call you will appreciate using Raven with headset. Follow these steps to pair Raven with Bluetooth headset:

  1. Open the list of applications on your Home screen.
  2. Open list of applications

  3. Open Settings
  4. FAQ Select settings (2.)

  5. Find the section Wireless networks and select Bluetooth. Turn Bluetooth ON.
  6. Turn Bluetooth ON

  7. Turn your headset ON and switch it to pairing mode. Follow its user guide.
  8. Select Search for devices.
  9. Search for devices

  10. You will see your headset in the list of available devices. Click on this device, it will pair with Raven.
  11. Bluetooth connected

Now you can use Bluetooth headset with your Raven.

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8. 9. 2014 GDP-08