WiFi or GSM data

Raven is desktop smartphone and it offers features which require data communication, be it synchronization of contacts, emails and calendar or download and use of applications available on Google Play.

You can send and receive data via WiFi or as GSM data.

WiFi GSM data
Coverage Signal of your local network Signal of GSM network provider
Speed From 54Mbit/s to 600 Mbit/s 0,4 Mbit/s (UMTS), up to 3,6Mbit/s (HSDPA)
Price Usually included in your unlimited data package Charged by your GSM provider depending on tariff

With WiFi you use the broadband internet connection in your company or at home. This makes WiFi faster and cheaper than GSM data. GSM data is suitable as back-up solution in location where WiFi is not available.

How much data will you use?
Data traffic on your Raven may differ. It depends how you use your Raven. Let us make one example: You synchronize your email, contacts and calendar in your Raven. Then data traffic may reach up to 50 MB a month. However, this depends how frequently you write and receive emails and how big the email attachments are. You can check your own data traffic in Settings, Wireless networks, Data usage (or GSM).

Turn WiFi ON
Turn WiFi ON: Select SettingsWi-Fi. You will see list of WiFi networks available. Select your network and fill in the WiFi password.

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