JabloTool for cameras

The most comfortable way of accessing your EyeSee and EYE-02 mobile security cameras.

Walkthrough video

Jablotool features


Live streaming

Connect to your camera to see what is happening right now. Streaming is available both in JabloTool mobile apps and website.

Secure cloud storage

Own cloud of servers provides the safest storage for the camera pictures. Your camera sends all reports to the JabloTool servers to provide you with fast access to records and secure data back-up.

Browse pictures and videos

The most convenient way to browse, filter and download your camera records.

Manage more cameras at once

Regardles if you are watching front door and backyard, or overlook all eight cameras in the company, JabloTool dashboard gives you well arranged overview.

Watchdog permanently guards your camera. It regularly checks the connection and if your camera does not respond once in 24hours, you will receive a report about it. Premium users can also check in shorter intervals.

Paste your EyeSee camera’s web link to web page to use your camera’s photo on that page. Freshen up your own personal blog or company website, easily publish weather conditions or show free spaces on company parking lot. Photo will be refreshed on every change or at least daily.

Messenger service is the fastest way to receive reports. Instead of sending reports from camera itself, they are sent by JabloTool server, which sends e-mails, texts or picture messages using fast high-tech infrastructure. This is also helpful in areas with low mobile signal coverage.

JabloTool.com offers programmed timer which allows automatic control of your camera. Set the time and day when your EyeSee should switch to Watching or Sleeping mode. Thus your shop can be automatically protected every day after closing hours.

Reporting Jablotool features

TimelineThe top timeline visualizes how many alerts you got every day and makes it easy to get in picture even in 90 days of history.

Daily overviewThe daily overview presents all the recent events with ability to filter by event type, eg. motion alert, noise alert, tampering etc.

MIP masking

If you have a window or tree in the picture, there is a chance you will get alert every time sun or wind change the picture. To prevent this simply mark out these areas to be ignored by the motion detection algorithm.

Setup everything in the browser

Gone are the days of on-camera settings, ladder climbing and dangling cables. Setup reporting intervals, who to alarm, peripherals and many more from the comfort of your home.

Conditional detecting

Are you getting too many false alarms? Time to set the camera to get activated by Passive IR and report alert only if Motion-in-Picture is detected.

Advanced settings

Feel fancy to play? Need more detailed settings? All is accessible under the advanced slider.

Premium pricing

1 year Premium€25


  • 90 days Cloud Storage
  • 100 fast Connections monthly
  • Mobile app
  • Unlimited Web Camera
  • 6 tasks Timers
  • 10 minutes Watchdog

Lifetime Premium€125


  • 90 days Cloud Storage
  • 100 fast Connections monthly
  • Mobile app
  • Unlimited Web Camera
  • 6 tasks Timers
  • 10 minutes Watchdog