Learn how mobile security cameras and mobile desktop phones help real people in the real world.


Flat owners community monitoring public areas

Besides the real monitoring and physical data you will have at disposal, the camera itself serves as a preventive tool. Two cameras were installed in the ground floor corridors of the block of flats, facing the main entrance and exit of the whole building.Show story

Protecting monuments and historical objects

After ten days of waiting, we got MMS at night with the notification that unauthorized person entered the monitored area. Show story

Hydropower plant monitors water level

Based on decision of local authority environmental department, we are obliged to keep and observe particular flow capacity. Show story

Lasy Panstwowe protecting property and future of us all

Vast area, hard access and lack of infrastructure make monitoring very challenging. Show story

Horse monitoring and property security

Being in such a kind of business few years already, I must admit that horses are both work and also a passion. Show story

Watch your property and water flowers

In addition to securing the cottage I also use EyeSee together with Smart socket for watering my tomatoes and other vegetables, or switching the heating on and off. Show story

Family cottage – what is going on, when you are not there

It´s a strange feeling to watch on your mobile how there is somebody trying to get into your house and you are quite far away. Show story



Hospital in Semily town needs two phones on one number

Healthcare institutions need reliable connection between all of their facilities, no matter how remote they are. Saving costs for installation and for operation of the fixed line in this remote workplace enabled us to invest the money more efficiently in better and modern medical equipment. Show story

Open bank office in the shopping mall

This solution is absolutely wireless. The only thing you need is the SIM card and also AC power. Show story

Carpentry workshop will never miss any order again

If someone calls the workshop now, the phone rings clearly and loudly while, at the same time, the strobe brightly flashes. Show story

Cork Taxi drives new business

Customers do not need to pay for the call and we increase our revenue – so everybody is happy! Show story